Integrated Solutions

Camera Solutions

Camera Solutions

Datacard developed an integrated camera solution for easy yet affordable capturing of photos from with-in the IDWorks suite of ID printing software. The integrated Camera Solutions use existing data and technology and reduces the time to capture information. The IDWorks software suite comes with build-in capability of manipulating photo quality and cropping to optimise the photo to be printed.

The camera integration add-on, Tru-Photo, allows for direct communication with the camera technology from with-in the software application. No more time-wasting switching between software applications, or copy-paste, or importing and exporting required.

Tru-Photo comes with productivity tools like auto focus, auto crop and auto size functionality or can alternatively be manually manipulated. Now we combine the power of the Canon SLR technology with the proven Datacard efficiency to produce single-click operation photo capturing functionality.

Canon D1000 plug-in download (DSLR_1)
Canon D1100 plug-in download (DSLR_1_1)
Canon D1200 plug-in download (DSLR_1_2)
Canon D1300 plug-in download (DSLR_1_3)