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Tailored applications

Security and ID: 
Guard / Staff / Student ID cards

Unions, Medical aids, Clubs

Airport Staff, Conference attendance, Special parties

Cards to certify technical and financial accreditation

Wedding invitations, Thank You card, Attendance, Fun cards

Safety notices and slogans, Warnings on structures

ATM / Debit cards, Gift and Loyalty cards.

Out-of-the-box solutions

Our range of hardware and software, offer state-of-the-art, world-leading, reliable, cost effective, productive solutions for low-, mid- and high-volume card issuance applications. Our printers are used in full-colour and monochrome printing as in simplex (single sided) and duplex (dual sided) applications. We offer integration options for photo, barcode, magstripe and signature capturing applications.

Our solutions have proven their superior quality, long-term reliability and overall low cost of ownership. All aspects that are extremely important for any organisation dealing with direct end users.


The manufacture process entails:

• Good quality artwork in hi-resolution PDF,
• Approval and signoff of digital proofsheet,
• Printing on large PVC sheets,
• Adding additional feature requirements,
• Laminating with final surface requirements,
• Die-punching of the cards,
• ISO quality check,
• Despatch.

What we offer

Smart Five specialises in PVC card printing, our offering revolves around the products and services in this specialised field. We supply, service and support.

Successful implementation

We have successfully implemented stand alone and integrated ID card programs, integrated membership, loyalty and payment card programs and so much more.
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Support application

We are recognised for our ability to troubleshoot and solve problems in the field or our specialised office where we service and repair printers through our certified technical experts.

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World class training

Smart Five provides extensive world class training on all our products. Our tried and tested experience on the Datacard products over the last 17 years in this industry, taught us valuable best-practice management, production and maintenance processes which are imparted on all our courses. These can be applied with minor adaption in your current working environment. Our training professionals are trained and certified by Datacard hardware and software specialists. We have the capability to train you in all areas of the product so that you have a pleasant and productive experience with the Datacard products.

Datacard Hardware Training

Our mission is to have every trainee experience a hands-on course, where they feel comfortable in managing the products on their own when we are not around. This principle instils confidence in the trainee and ultimately protects the investment of the company.

Datacard Software Training

Our training is based on “skills transfer” with “transfer” being the primary objective. We teach through example, installation of the software, design principles as well as best-practice production management. We offer the option to maintain it for you through our very capable software engineers.

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