Thermal Printers

  • t8

    SD160 Thermal Printer

    The SD160 Thermal Printer is Datacard's latest innovation in affordability. An entry level printer that packs a punch with all…

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  • SD260 and SD360 Printers

    SD260 and SD360 Printers

    The SD260 and SD360 Printers is Datacard's mid-range printing solution. They differ basically only in their simplex and duplex functionality.…

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  • SD460 Thermal Printer

    SD460 Thermal Printer

    The SD460 Thermal Printer is Datacard's All-In-One Secure printing Flagship. All the basic print-security features comes standard but true to…

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  • CE840 and CE870 Printers

    CE840 and CE870 Printers

    CE840 and CE870 Printers: A Powerful System for On-Demand Card Issuance Financial institutions, service bureaus, retailers, governments and other card…

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