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Every card program can be enhanced and put to greater use and functionality by considering the addition of a small add-on component. For example, an access card in the wallet allows for only access through a selected set of doors but needs to be removed every time it needs to provide the access. By adding a card holder and clip, the card also doubles as an identification tool for colleagues and visitors. It also adds to the visual security profile of the company and makes the workplace even safer. You will find that the holders starts doubling as a holder for a train-ticket, a petrol card, driver licence etc. Just because it gives easy access. By adding a branded lanyard one finds that due to the abundance of creativity among the end-user now makes for key-chains, cell phone hangers, or pen-clips, while immediately adding to the branding awareness that is created everywhere they go - the coffee-shop around the corner, or the supermarket where they buy their household items.
Smart Five has a wide range of Clips and Lanyards for every eventuality and situation. To get more information on each type click on the links below.

Crocodile Clip
Affordable and strong method of attachment for cards and card holders. Popular in application where a card needs to be displayed like conferences or seminars, especially in security applications like ID's and Visitor badges. Used in oblong slots of 3 x 13 mm. Also see our card punches.

Retractable Badge Reel
Self retracting reels that can be attached to a belt, handbag or a lanyard. It allows for easy access and scanning of ID cards without having to remove the card from its attachment. Gives the end-user the peace of mind of not misplacing the card when distracted at a point of entry or having it stolen by a pick-pocket. Available in red, royal blue and black. Can also be branded as a marketing giveaway.

Luggage Loop
Clear durable and flexible loop, used to attach cards or card holders to other items for easy removal and identification.

Magnetic Clips
The magnetic adhesive clip is a very popular alternative used to display a card on person for visual security or identification. This type of fastener is especially used with RFID cards where it is not possible to punch the card. Also very popular for conferences and seminars where the shirt, blouse or blazer of the patron can be damaged with stick-on or clip-on fasteners.

Plain Flat Lanyards
Our standard 15mm plain flat lanyards comes with a swivel clip. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple and Grey. Other attachments like Crocodile clip, Cell phone clip or Lobster clip for special order. Personalisation of these lanyards on special order.

Round Cord Lanyards
The affordable plain round cord lanyard with standard swivel clip is an economy alternative to the flat lanyard. No option for personalisation or alternative fastener. Also called shoe-string lanyards. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple and Grey.

Branded Lanyards
15mm or 20mm lanyards with branding on either Petersham tape or Satin finish with your choice of clip. Normally 10 day lead time but can vary depending on the requirement. Other additions to this personalised lanyard could include break-away clips or karabiners. Powerful marketing tool.

Nickel Ball Chain
A Smart durable lanyard. They can be cut to any size and used as...