Blank Cards

Blank Cards

We stock the highest grade white blank cards recommended by all the leading printer manufacturers. Commonly known by the size i.e. CR80 or 30mil. Our micro smoothed, pure white surfaces, ensures superior quality prints everytime. The surface laminate we use are of the highest quality to make your colour printing more vibrant and black printing more crisp. This does wonders to your barcodes, logo's and facial images alike.

Our blank cards surfaces are so smooth that it will not degrade printing or damage your printhead.

A variety of RF or Proximity cards (Prox cards), Smart cards and plain, CR80 PVC cards available for thermal printing and used internationally with the Datacard and all other leading brands of printers.

We stock the best blank white cards for the leading brand technologies like:

  • Hi-Co Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Mifare 1k and 4k (Ultra and Desfire only on request) contacless Smart Cards
  • Impro Proximity Cards
  • EM41xx (EM4100, EM4101, EM4102) Proximity Cards

All card technologies can be ordered with magnetic stripe (usually referred to as hybrid technology cards). We are well linked in the market and can provide the HID (Isoprox, iClass, iClass2, etc) card range on short notice.


Contactless Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Cards

Smart Five stock and supply the EM4100 (125kHz) radio frequency identification (RFID) cards (tags) As well as the NXP Mifare Smart Card Range (Mifare 1k and Mifare 4k - 13.6 MHz). The RFID technology, whilst available in many different chip-sets for several years, is now gaining ground to revolutionise how business is done  with the promise of delivering higher levels of productivity and enhanced security. The potential for profitable deployment of RFID technology spreads across virtually any market, in any industry.

Our manufacturing capability allows us to embed any contact-less chips in all kinds of packaging – from cell phone tags to key fobs, wristwatches to credit cards and self-adhesive labels.

The contact-less card world is filled with infinite solutions – by offering our expertise and experience, we provide more choice.

  • Typical IC supported at 125 KHz frequency: EM4100, EM4102, EM4450, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S
  • Typical IC supported at 13.6 MHz frequency: NXP MIFARE series (Mifare 1k or Mifare 4k), I-Code 1, I-Code SLI SL2, Ti2048, TI256, SR176