Allegiance Program

Smart Five Allegiance Program

for On-site, Flexible, Card Printing Solution NOW from only R369 per month !

What does the ALLEGIANCE PROGRAM offering consist of?


In our experience a basic requirement is:

  • Solutions are adapted for a best-fit to suit the company need and budget
  • Printer - Single sided or double sided, entry-level or mid-production based on cards per annum
  • Good versatile and easy to use software to manage multiple designs with database functionality
  • Cards - use what you have - stick to your supplier or source it through the program for optimal benefit
  • For photos - or facility to import user selected photo for use on card
    • HD Webcam for lower budget yet quality solution
    • or our high quality integrated SLR camera solution
  • Training to use the software, maintain the printer and do basic troubleshoot
  • Support and backing of Smart Five certified guru for assistance when needed

How / Where do I sign up?

Contact Hermann today on 011 391 4693 or

What makes Smart 5 offering different?

The Smart Five Allegiance Program allows one to buy into a stable company with an international acclaimed brand and footprint for service. The cost of the system is basically limited to the agreed unit cost of the card. We offer the Datacard brand as such a solution where you have peace of mind and Smart Five experience to allow for a smooth inexpensive card program.

Through the many years we have been involved with providing companies with Fit-For-Purposecard solutions we have learned:

Challenges for card solutions

Smart Five solution

High capital outlay for the system - Capex

Stable monthly contribution based on the term and equipment required - Oppex. We can start with trading your current old/redundant equipment.

Unpredictable expenses at odd times for consumables

Stable and constant agreed monthly expense to budget on - puts control in management hands

High cost for consumables

No more ordering of consumables, we phone and check monthly and send you what you need

Stocking consumables is dead capital and impact cash flow

No more stock ! You phone - we send.

Wrongly ordered consumables that cannot be returned because it was opened

We know what you need as we are part of your team - no more wrong consumables

High personnel turnover with costly skills transfer and user error causing equipment damage

You change them - we train them - no problem

No after sales service plan

We agree on an Allegiance Program to suit your needs

Costly spare parts

Built into the program - no problem

No upgrade path for obsolete or old equipment

Built into the program - no problem

No time to first get to know the software before starting

We will set up the project for you - no problem

Do not want to lose our old data

We help you convert to the new solution - no problem

Is a card system outdated?

Card systems are implemented for so much more that access control. It is versatile with multiple facets that allows for access control, financial transactions, memberships, name tags, information cards and many many more. It cannot become obsolete as long as every wallet has a card slot. With a little creativity, every company owning a card printing solution can put it to great use in the company and not only the formal access control. The use of cards evolves over time as new technologies become available or affordable or as the conditions change in the area.

What we have learned over the 18 years in this environment is that an ID card is still by far the most common and cost effective way to secure access to buildings, estates, gyms, universities and many other. It is not outdated or extinct in any way and there are many reasons for this:

  • People are used to carrying a card - they have a wallet full of it - they trust the card to even protect their money
  • People have an affinity with an ID card as it allows them to feel in control - it is in my hand and I can decide when and where to go
  • It is positively portrayed in media, films and TV series as a rather secure means of security - if it is good enough for the FBI, it must good enough for me, they even use it at NASA
  • It is rather inexpensive and easy to maintain as well as versatile to adapt for purpose - other uses like formal or social gatherings
  • It allows for branding which is a big thing in today's world - people associate with branding from clothing and apparel to means of transport, to where I buy my food, to where I do my hair
  • The use of a card is relatively un-invasive and un-intimidating - by show-and-tell application security can be done with a smile and personal touch - people want to matter and feel in control
  • Visual security (like an ID card) although very basic is a very low cost means of security as the card could contain branding, colour codes, photo, barcode, layout, logo, bearer detail etc to immediate filter the course of action.
  • ... and many more ...

Is an ID card system expensive?

A Fit-For-Purpose solution is normally not expensive, given that it is properly planned, trained, rolled-out and managed with sufficient hand-hold and guidance from your solution specialist. Historically the only option available to companies were to purchase all the equipment upfront at the lowest price.  This practise comes with many challenges like:

  • cheapest option normally comes with very little skills transfer and support which:
    • takes a long time for the company to establish it's cards program
    • many errors brings a perceived expensive learning-curve
    • locks the company in inadequate technology for at least 3 years due to financial principals
  • no prior experience or knowledge about the technology or not being sure what one want to do leads to:
    • lengthy and pricy process
    • leads to duplication - data and equipment duplication
    • over-investment - to get the top-end where the entry-level could have been sufficient
    • under-investment - not getting the correct solution and having to buy the fill-in or corrective add-ons can be very pricy and brings a perception of the solution to be very expensive
  • relying on the DIY route
    • no succession planning
    • high labour turnover
    • insufficient hand-holding or knowledge transfer
    • mismanagement of the equipment leading to high failure rate and costly repairs
  • no second-hand market
    • spare parts are relatively expensive and has limited warrantee
    • high cost to repair seems more favourable to get a new printer
    • no-one wants to sit with potential problems on a printer that will cost close
  • cheap solution sellers:
    • more interested in the box drop
    • no support personnel
    • no technical personnel to service
    • do not have field or after-sales service
    • do not have field assistance
    • have no distribution channel for consumables and may leave you stranded
    • are normally sole importer and may charge exorbitant pricing for consumables at your expense
    • do not stock spares and only orders spares on request with high downtime and expense
    • do not have certified engineers in-house and have to send printers to originators for repairs with high downtime and expense

Cards form part of an access control system and the spend on a card system is a relatively small component of the total outlay. A secure access control system does not eliminate criminal element as they too evolve with time and sophistication. The purpose becomes to up the barrier to entry in order to make it less attractive for the criminal to target. Taking the barrier to entry higher continually comes at extra cost, and frustration to dweller, worker and visitor alike.