World Class Training

Training Smart Five provides extensive world class training on all our products. Our tried and tested experience on the Datacard products over the last 17 years in this industry, taught us valuable best-practice management, production and maintenance processes which are imparted on all our courses.

These can be applied with minor adaption in your current working environment. Our training professionals are trained and certified by Datacard hardware and software specialists. We have the capability to train you in all areas of the product so that you have a pleasant and productive experience with the Datacard products.

Datacard Product Training

Datacard Hardware Training:

Our mission is to have every trainee experience a hands-on course, where they feel Trainingcomfortable in managing the products on their own when we are not around. This principle instils confidence in the trainee and ultimately protects the investment of the company.

We believe in the importance of understanding and knowing your Datacard printer. This forms the foundation of caring for your printer. We guide the trainee in:

  • best-practise operation and management of the printer
  • the theory of printing on the card
  • management of consumables
  • maintenance and care of the printer


Datacard Software Training:

TrainingOur training is based on "skills transfer" with "transfer" being the primary objective. We teach through example, installation of the software, design principles as well as best-practice production management. Depending on the trainee and company requirement we offer a very basic or in-depth training. Although managing your design and maintaining your ID card program is part of the scope of the training, we offer the option to maintain it for you through our very capable software engineers.

Efficiency is key. Therefore we will introduce the trainee to the process of database linking, importing of information, capturing procedure and production of cards.



Depending on the software suite, the printer to use and the depth of training required, Trainingcourses can range from as little as 3 hours to as much as 7 days. Investing into a card printing technology without training is not in your best interest. We negotiate duration, depth and degree of training based on the need, availability and budget of the client.




TrainingIn-depth training is normally more suited and practical out-of-office. Our offices are comfortably set-up to do training for a large number of trainees. with Guest houses conveniently close should the need arise to stay over during training. We are equally comfortable to train on-site.





Pricing is based on the level of training. Call us today to for an affordable life-changing training experience.



After training, trainees are able to install and maintain printers as well as design and print own cards. As employees change, call us to assist in keeping your operator abreast with the technology and protect the investment you have made in the card printing technology.