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A card printer solutions often requires additional functionality in order to maximise the use of the card. These add-on tools provide high functionality with improved productivity and sophistication, saving time and eliminating unnecessary processes. Due to increased sophistication of the card technology, companies are incorporating the hidden technology components to make their card programs safer and more reliable. With the increased level of sophistication, also comes the addition of sophisticated components to read or program the cards.
Bar codes are part of our everyday lives and gone are the days where products are purchased without the aid of a bar code. It saves time and allows for more transactions and higher turnover - it just makes sense. So too have the RFID and mag-stripe functionality on a card become part of our everyday life. Consider the frustration you experience every time you are required to sign-in and sign-out on a physical registration book. We are not spoiled with technology, we are productive!

Smart Five also offers a number of other products to compliment your office needs.

Magstripe Reader
Reliable for over 1,000,000 card swipes. The MSR213U is ideal for retail systems, time keeping systems, security...

Barcode Reader
The CipherLab 1000 CCD Barcode Scanner build for high performance with an easy USB plug-and-play keyboard wedge application. Works seamlessly with all the IDWorks ID

Hand Punch
Oblong hole punch 3 x 13mm. For use with the crocodile metal clips or different lanyards...

Three in one punch
The three in one punch has three setting that gives you the ability to do a slot punch for ID cards and name badges, a 1 hole paper punch and a corner cutter with a radius of 4mm...

EM Reader
The SSR225 connects to your PC and is powered via USB port without the need of drivers. The card reader, reads the RFID card or tag on touch and outputs...