Bureau Services

Main Services.

Our card Bureau Services is stocked with a range of Datacard thermal printers ready to serve the needs of the client out there who does not want to commit to the capital lay-out for various good business reasons.

We use the same technology we sell. it is therefore imperative that we can solve our own in-house problems and in doing so, improve on the support we provide our customers.

We do not have a published minimum or maximum quantity requirement and are therefore willing to take-on very small and very large projects. Our model serves both equally well as the cards are produced by either implementing single printers or a pool of printers. Turnaround and price is volume based and negotiable.

One of the main components in the bureau services business is the quality control. When you intervene early enough, you have less errors and less re-printing that needs to be done.

Some of our thermal projects:

Bi-weekly, national full colour photo cards, where photos are scanned and linked to electronic data and delivered to a central distribution center.
Monthly add-on members to large retail concern, where we do magnetic encoding and black print on metallic based pre-printed cards.
Union related membership cards on ad-hoc basis.
Large banking concern in central Africa requires logo to be printed in full colour on existing smart-card base which is to costly to replace.
Overflow from card manufacturers on ad-hoc basis.

When to use Bureau Services

When your unit cost per card does not warrant the initial capital outlay and the ongoing personnel and related costs.
When you start-up a card program (like a loyalty program) where the volumes are small and the venture uncertain.
If the project is considered once-off.

When not to use a Bureau Services

When card base needs to issued instantly - like for student cards.
When the security is of major concern and importance.
When card base is high-volume and personnel closely connected to the card production process.
Where time-frame between card request and receipt is of great importance