SD, CD and CE systems

Website-pic2 Entrust Datacard is committed to constantly reviewing our portfolio, in order to deliver excellence in our products. Over the last year, we have made several changes and enhancements to our Datacard® SD Series Card Printers, expanding the capabilities of our products across the platform. Entrust Datacard has released a new firmware update for all SD, CD and CE systems.

The new firmware will provide your SD, CD and CE systems with a wide variety of performance and security enhancements.

To make use of the improved security measures of the latest firmware on the SD-series, a new set of ribbons with regionalised security functionality has been introduced.

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* If you are outside of South Africa then please contact us to arrange for your firmware upgrade.


Improved/Enhanced Functionality:

1.   Lower Cost

The new regionalised ribbons will retail at 5% less than the old 534000-XXX ribbons. With lower cost yet increased security on the ribbons to protect the end- user.

2.   Higher Printing Resolution

Another industry first from Entrust-Datacard to print at a higher than 300 DPI resolution and to make it available for the whole SD range. Printing resolution increases the number of pixels that are printed down the long side of the card. The higher the resolution, the finer the printing results will be. Brighten colours with up to 300 X 600 dpi print mode, and print fine, detailed characters and bar codes at 300 x 1200 dpi. This feature is adjustable via the printer driver through printing preferences. High-resolution printing is now available on all SD Series printers.

3.   UV Printing

Now you can make use of our unique UV functionality ribbons accross the full range of the SD-series card printers. UV printing adds an invisible layer of covert security to any card program. Go beyond visual verification with this security feature. The UV printing is undetectable under normal lighting and is meant to provide an additional form of security which is only visible under a black light (ultraviolet light). Add security feature by printing special words and monochrome logos in UV. You have to order a special UV ribbon to make use of this feature.

4.   Rewriteable Capability

Rewriteable cards feature a clear, heat-sensitive layer that can be erased and rewritten up to 500 times. It is a special card that needs to be ordered additionally. This functionality enables printing the card without the use of a printing ribbon. The SD range printers deliver single-colour photos and text on rewriteable cards with excellent image quality. Rewrite technology provides an affordable way to update cards with frequently changing data or create reusable cards, because rewriteable cards eliminate the supply costs of reissuance.

Rewrite technology is ideal for:

  1. Corporate visitor ID cards
  2. Student IDs with rewritable class schedules
  3. Patient ID cards with rewritable appointments/schedules
  4. Transit cards with rewritable ticketing details or schedules
  5. Retail cards with rewritable loyalty points
  6. Entrance tickets and other recreation cards

5.   Faster performance

Improved start up and shut down times to make the printer easier to use.

Improved/Enhanced Security:

1.   Updating operating system

The upgrade of our operating system gives Entrust Datacard the ability to react more quickly to new vulnerabilities and threats in the market place, keeping your data secure as possible.

2.   Encryption between sources

When your printer is connected to another application, it is often sharing important information such as your customer's personal information or account numbers. The latest firmware release protects against threats to data in this scenario.

3.   SD card data encryption

Data can be stored on the SD cards in your printer. SD cards are removable objects and provide another opportunity for vulnerabilities within your system.


How do I check my firmware version?

There are several ways that you can verify exactly which firmware your system requires. Please follow the following link to assist you in obtaining your current printers firmware. http://www.smartfive.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Getting-technical-information-of-your-SD-range-Printers.pdf

There are two different firmware releases, depending on which type of Datacard® printer that you are using: D2.15.3 and D3.17.1. :

D2 board (D2.15.3)

Most of SD160, SD260 short base SD360 (Early Sales)

Most of these printers will have a D2 board, requiring the D2 upgrade.(D2.15.3)

D3 Board (D3.17.1)

SD260L, SD360, SD460

Most of these printers will have D3 boards, requiring the D3 firmware release.


Customers that have systems with D3 boards that have firmware versions older than D3.16.1, will require a two-step process to download the latest release. You will need to verify which version of firmware you have currently loaded on your system before you update to the latest version. To learn how to verify your firmware version, please see the instruction above.

You will first need to update your firmware with D3.16.3, then do a second upgrade to D3.17.1. Doing these upgrades in two steps helps to limit the size of each file, making it more manageable. Each download should take approximately 20 minutes.

GO- Entrust Firmware Upgrade

Entrust Datacard has released a new firmware update for all SD printers with major performance and security enhancements.


Old Ribbon Part No.

Part Description

Ribbon Yield

New Ribbon Part No.

SD260 Card Printer


Colour Ribbon Kit YMCKT




Colour Ribbon Kit YMCKT




Colour Ribbon Kit ymcKT (Short Panel)



SD360 & SD460 Card Printer


Colour Ribbon Kit YMCKT




Colour Ribbon Kit YMCKT




Colour Ribbon Kit ymcKT (Short Panel)




Colour Ribbon YMCKT-KT